The Binary Options Brokers

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Yes, you will need a good manual system designed especially for this type of binary option trading and it's always recommended to practice for a while using free demo accounts with a new system even if you have some prior experience.This type of trading forex is quite new because binary option trading has only been online for a few years and to tell the truth, it has only gained a substantial amount of popularity in the last year or so.

You might say, why is it so easy and non-stressful? Well for one, no more stop losses to worry about because there are none. Secondly, no need to watch your trade because it will expire automatically on the binary option platform according to the expiry time you chose when you placed the trade.You can even close down your computer after you have placed your trade and if it expires one 10th of a pip above or below your target, depending on which direction you traded, it expired "in the money" and you will win.

It is so simple trading forex on the binary option platform. You choose your expiry time. Most brokers have from 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour or more. Next you choose your direction which can be designated as "call" or "put" and depending on the particular broker, some call it "high" or "low" and some simply "up" or "down". Then the amount your trading and click the button to make your trade. That's it and depending on the forex pair you are trading, the payout can be as high as 85% of your trade amount. You never can lose more than your trade amount and some brokers even give you back 5% or 10% back if you lose the trade.

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