What is a Managed Forex Account

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Tradeonix Review Managed Forex trading is also a good option for anyone who would like to have a professional to manage the capital he or she is investing on the market. A Forex managed account can lead to better results as it offers professional support. You can invest part of you capital on managed accounts and rest assured that a professional expert is managing your funds around the clock, and this can also be a good way to diversify investments portfolios.Other benefits of Forex accounts include combining the high risks with high return objectives with the support of professionals, and there is a potential for making profit on rising and falling markets. Having a diversified trading portfolio while using the major currencies on the Forex market is an added benefit to any investor. The account is managed in real time and you can get real time reports from professional managers. You can also withdraw funds any time you wish which makes this a very convenient trading account for some investors. Managed Forex accounts usually require a small investment fee.


The Forex market works around the clock depending on liquidity available. This means that a trader can participate in trading any time he or she wishes and from any part of the world. There is no need to wait for the market to open, as on the stock market. Investors who want to trade around the clock but are not able to watch the market developments 24 hours a day often choose an account that is managed by a professional to increase their trading portfolio. For anyone wanting to have the support of a professional manager while trading in foreign currencies, this is also a convenient option and offers additional security and support.

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